They need everything: two goods that are useful to gardeners and not only

Novosibirsk country is the weather, and the happy owners of suburban real estate shumoizolyatsiya on nature, taking with them family and friends. And besides, no one, even a mini-travel today is not without useful accessories from hypermarkets Hello, which help support mood and connected. Now is the best time to look shopping, to the end of may here is an action: every third item in the check — in gift.

More than 450 variants of the speakers in one place

the network stores Hello — a very large selection of portable speakers that you will enjoy the music anywhere in the country, in city walk. Phonics runs on three hours of battery life using the bluetooth function you can connect your smartphone and run your favorite tracks or turn the radio on.

compact speakers fit easily even in your pocket. There are backlit, with a drawstring for the convenience, stylish which complement the interior, retrodizayn and even megarace option for fans to rest a great company.

In any case — the choice is yours, and consultants in hypermarkets Hello! describe in detail the functionality of each device.

470 options external battery

Another useful gadget for travel — external battery, or powerbank. This little box is worth at Hello! only 199 rubles, but you will charge your phone and other electronics without sockets and at any time. Connect vneshnik to your smartphone and communicate normally.