The Ministry of health was postponed until 2021 checks of drivers on alcohol

the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation was moved to January the entry into force of the order, according to which drivers should be tested for alcoholism and drug addiction. The new rules were supposed to start from July this year, but now postponed until 2021.

In early June, it was reported that the Ministry of health changed the decision to test for alcohol abuse when you receive a certificate for the rights of all drivers. Witness decided only in the presence of symptoms of intoxication at the time of passage of the Commission.

the Order about introduction of obligatory testing for alcohol abuse getting help for the driver’s license was to enter into force in November last year. Shortly before it became known that the passage of a medical Board after that will cost more. Drivers rushed to help the old prices and regulations, the clinics formed a huge queue. As a result, the entry into force of the new rules was postponed.