The Ministry of health called private clinics, whose employees had contracted the coronavirus, we've marked them on a map

in Novosibirsk In 15 private medical institutions and medical institutions under Federal jurisdiction identified sick employees — published map on which they marked.

In the list of private clinics got the following: “RZD-Health”, AHO “Clinic NIITO”, “Toast”, Spa “Caution” and “Practice,” rehabilitation centre “Forest”, Novosibirsk gastroenterology center.

And in the list of institutions under Federal jurisdiction — MHTK, sanatorium “Eltsovka” of the Ministry of defense of Russia, Federal center of neurosurgery, 425-th military hospital, research Institute of fundamental and clinical immunology, clinic Meshalkina, medical and sanitary unit of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Novosibirsk region and fku GB mseh, LLC “pediatric therapy”.