The extension of the regime of self-isolation and 96 new cases COVID-19: chronicle for may 28

on Thursday, 28 may, oberstab Novosibirsk region reported 96 new cases of infection with coronavirus infection. For all the time of the pandemic in the region recorded 2493 patient with confirmed COVID-19, 955 recovered and 31 died.

Tell you what else happened in the country and in the city over the past day.

the Ministry of health decided to win COVID-19 in Russia by statistics. For physicians published a training manual on how to diagnose and what is considered the cause of death.
Rosstat published data on the state of the market of public catering and trade in April. Turnover of restaurants and cafes is expected fell by more than half. However, the restaurateurs say that the situation is even worse.The mode isolation in the Novosibirsk region was extended until June 30. The government, the FNL released a new regulation about the isolation for Novosibirsk — published the text of the document.Novosibirsk with chronic illnesses are asked to stay home until June 30. Published a list of diagnoses.Doctor, specialist of laboratory diagnostics Alexander Soloviev told how to live and work in the new environment. In his opinion, to talk about controlling the spread of the coronavirus earlier.Private medical center mistakenly reported Novosibirsk that he had coronavirus. How come — versed correspondent NGS.During the day, COVID-19 found at 8371 Russian. With suspicion still remain 300,000.The CPS has issued guidelines for movie theaters that you need to follow after the local government allowed them to open again.The guards arranged a holiday in Novosibirsk square crowd without masks got in the photo.Siberian flew from Thailand to Novosibirsk and is being bullied. Employees of the Novosibirsk bar “Abdul, light” participated in the flashmob “#Holyhead”. His candid shots with serious overtones they want to draw attention to the grave situation faced by the employees of food service establishments.The result of the survey of Novosibirsk on the extension of self-isolation up to 30 June showed that many such decisions do not understand — I think that most people the regime does not comply.The mayor invited the regions to add to the list of victims of coronavirus deaths from other causes.The tenant of the grounds at the hotel “Central” where was the scandalous party were in breach of the lease.

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