The driver of trolleybus No. 5 attacked a passenger over an unpaid fare — now he will remain without a prize

In Novosibirsk, the driver of trolleybus No. 5 attacked the passenger Catherine Mendzebrovski due to unpaid time travel.

— Saturday, April 25, at around 18:30, I sat in the trolley the fifth route. I went from store to three or four stops from the “Leningrad”: I was Packed pictures for coloring, and crossbody bag — toys. The village at the end of the saloon and the food quietly. Took the phone to pay and look out the window. No, I have not approached, and I honestly forgot to pay. Announce: “Leningrad”, I get up, take your picture, but the door does not open. And the driver was so rudely and abruptly by the loud speaker: “You forgot to pay!” The conductor while sitting in the pictures watching. I then went to the middle door and to the conductor to pay. And the driver continues to shout: “You have to approach, nobody owe you nothing!” — said Catherine Mendzebrovski.