The city's residents found a way to pay for refills 2 times less

Your life is expensive, and long distances eat up a lot of gasoline and money? There is a solution: translate the car to gas.

If you compare gas and gasoline, the first significant difference lies on the surface. Gas is almost twice cheaper, which means you save money on fuel and can spend them on other long-planned purchase.

in Addition to saving the obvious advantages of gas:

the increased engine life (works softer and lasts longer, as the gas burns slower than gasoline and reduces the load on the motor); engine power is increased due to the high compression ratio (a measure of the octane number — 100-110 units, no detonation); does not contain harmful impurities in the form of lead, sulphur and combustible substances that are present in gasoline, that enhances the life of engine oil; an increase in the supply of Autonomous run of the vehicle in twice with only one filling (gas + petrol); environmentally friendly as does not produce by-products of combustion.

Network of filling stations “GASOIL” has more than 200 stations in the territory of the SFO, which are located so that way no problems with dressing.

How profitably the car for gas turn-key?