The boy was injured in the fountain in Central Park — in the administration said that it is impossible to run barefoot

In Novosibirsk 4-year-old boy cut his finger when we ran barefoot in the fountain in Central Park. His mother Svetlana appealed to the administration of the Park.

August 1, Svetlana with her son Roman came to the fountain. The boy and several other children were running around him, and the novel got the big toe in one of the nozzles. As a result, the finger left a few scars.

is Called a taxi, went home. The blood quickly enough stopped. Cuts a lot when the dressing was done, I saw that on the other hand, between the fingers has cuts. I wrote immediately to the group of the Park, more like a note to parents that children are not barefoot running. I asked the administration to check the fountain, when she didn’t know that the injectors are working for them in order to be sharp. Yesterday I wrote that there are warning signs near the fountain and took a picture of these inscriptions, — has told Svetlana to the correspondent NGS.