The best texts NGS for the week — on version of the editor. No word on the coronavirus (damn, slipped into the title)

Every day in the NHS there are dozens of texts and news articles. We are looking for our readers the most important news and interesting stories. In the flow of events around coronavirus lost notes on other topics. Editor NGS Elena Guryanov has prepared a review of the best articles in the last week, to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Top 10 most interesting articles

1. Lost island: as the mayor was surprised that the island from the embankment out from under authority.

the well-Known Novosibirsk developer Timur Sattarov, who gave the city Department store LUKSE received for construction of the island under the High Bugrinskij bridge. Mayor Anatoly Lokot discovered this fact during a tour along the waterfront in the neighborhood of the “European coast”, was very surprised and told me to figure it out. According to the documents, on the island to build a hotel and yacht club, but what makes Timur Sattarov out Lisa Pichugin.