03.07.2022, Ukraine, Slowjansk: Der 71-jährige Wladimir Wassiljewitsch steht im Hof des zerstörten Hauses seiner Verwandten. Bei Raketenangriffen auf die ostukrainische Stadt Slowjansk sind Bürgermeister Ljach zufolge 6 Menschen getötet und 15 verwundet worden. Ljach nannte die Attacke am Sonntag bei Facebook den «schwersten Angriff in jüngster Zeit» auf die Stadt in der Region Donezk. Unter den Toten sei auch ein Kind. Ljach zufolge wurden zivile Objekte getroffen - keine militärischen Einrichtungen. Foto: Michal Burza/ZUMA Press Wire/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

For days – as we have already reported here – attacks on Russian command posts and ammunition depots far behind the front lines have been piling up. This is made possible by the US-supplied Himar multiple rocket launchers (pictured below) with a range of around 80 kilometers.

Four of the Himars are currently in use. Three of them on the eastern front, one system operates in the south near Zaporizhia. In an article in the “Wall Street Journal” there are now a few more details of what they enable the Ukrainians to do. According to the report, in the past two weeks Ukraine has attacked at least 10 high-profile targets that were previously too far away.

The Ukrainian soldiers have doubled their range with the new system, which also reduces the danger for the soldiers because they remain outside the radius of most Russian systems. $155,000 is one of the six missiles that the Himars can launch in seconds.

Another four Himars systems will soon be delivered from the USA to Ukraine. European countries also want to deliver rocket launchers in the near future. Your big advantage: You load and fire within minutes and can move on very quickly. This makes them difficult for the enemy to hit. They also operate at night to make it harder for Russian drones to locate them.

However, experts assume that the Russian troops will quickly adapt to the new situation. Ammo dumps, for example, could be spread across many locations. The next few weeks will show whether and when they will actually succeed.


The two Russian border regions of Bryansk and Kursk have again accused the Ukrainian side of shelling. Bryansk Governor Alexander Bogomas wrote on Telegram on Tuesday that the village of Sernovo was shelled with artillery, but no one was injured. There was initially no information about possible victims from the affected villages in Kursk either.


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