The Americans realized this in the last century: found out why the city's residents refuse to grill

Previously, it seemed that the restaurants are always open, isn’t it? Have you tried the incredibly delicious steaks, burgers, wok from reputable chefs and thought it impossible to repeat at home. That’s all changed. Now, when the restaurants are closed, these dishes only at home and you can try. But it will take American grill Weber.

you can Buy it on the street Svetlanovsky, 50, building 4, from official representative. And then you will delight yourself and loved ones year-round juicy steaks, crispy pizzas, smoked fish, beef brisket, pork chops, Apple pie and pear with rosemary.

Why all this mouth-watering list of dishes could be cooked without a grill, like on the grill? The thing is this. Weber on the grill any dish is much tastier thanks to the lid. Evaporated juices do not disappear, but circulates, the heat impact from all sides simultaneously. Remain flavor and juiciness, which in tandem provide a unique taste. And when cooked on the grill, the grease and juice dripping on the coals and vaporize, the meat loses its juiciness and can burn if not inspect. I would like to repeat this?

the Official dealer of Weber grills in Novosibirsk — a real gem for the BBQ lover. In the presence of gas, charcoal, electric grills, which can be used in the yard or on the balcony of the apartment, as well as to take on a picnic, hunting or fishing. By the way, Americans understand the beauty of the grill since the mid-twentieth century, and this experience should to learn.

to Go anywhere grills Weber not necessary, they will be delivered and collected free of charge. But this is only the beginning. You will tell and will show how the grill works, will share recipes of delicious dishes (some of them you can see on instagram).