Subscribers of MegaFon in Novosibirsk region can call on Wi-Fi not only in the messengers

MegaFon launched in Novosibirsk region service Voice over Wi-Fi — now subscribers of the operator will be able to talk on the phone even in areas where it is difficult penetration of mobile communication.

MegaFon, the Russian operator of digital opportunities, has launched a new technology for transmitting voice traffic in Novosibirsk, thanks to which subscribers can make calls via Wi-Fi. Technology VoWiFi will allow you to make and receive regular voice calls in remote areas with weak network signal, but a steady Wi-Fi connection. Thus, the subscriber will remain connected even in the basement and ground floors, “blind” rooms of the apartment or office.

“MegaFon launches a new technology for voice calls via Wi-Fi network in the period when such services are most in demand. New technology allows you to make calls anywhere where there is Wi-Fi — whether it is a home network or public Wi-Fi in a cafe or shopping Mall. Of course, in places with weak signal you can communicate and messengers, but at any time there is a possibility to miss an important call. Now the problem is solved”, — says the Director of network infrastructure of MegaFon Valentin Polozenko.

Calls over wifi are charged as normal voice calls and are included in the package of minutes conversation with subscribers of any operators, for calls to landline phones have to dial the number in full format with the area code. The service is supported by most modern smartphones and is enabled automatically or in the channels of customer service. It is also necessary that the service was turned on in settings cellular gadget when it is activated, the display shows the operator MegaFon Wi-Fi.

the Launch of VoWiFi continues the development of technologies to transmit voice traffic of MegaFon in Novosibirsk region. Previously subscribers of the company has become a service that is available Voice over LTE (VoLTE), allowing you to make and receive calls without leaving the 4G/LTE network. This means that the user can odsimultaneously talking on a mobile phone and send the file by email to use the Navigator or continue with the download of the video. The connection is just a couple of seconds, and the voice sounds so pure and natural, as if he is there. VoLTE works anywhere there is a network of the fourth generation, it does not consume Internet traffic from the tariff.

Megaphone — the Russian operator of digital opportunities and a four-time winner of the award “For the fastest mobile network in Russia” from Ookla. Use the company services 75.2 million customers.