Staff bar were stripped naked to go to work. 10 very hot pictures from Novosibirsk

employees of the Novosibirsk bar “Abdul, light” participated in the flashmob “#Holyhead”, which a few weeks ago launched in Kazan. Thus — his candid shots with a serious subtext — they want to draw attention to the grave situation faced by the employees of food service establishments. Because of the situation with coronavirus, many are left virtually without a livelihood.

— the Meaning and purpose is to draw attention to the problem. A lot of people who work in the service sector, now in fact left naked, — explains the head of the bar Sergey Kavalerchik. — Many can’t pay the rent, tuition, loans. Not all institutions can work for take out or delivery. For people who come into this field, money is not the only motivation. These people love their work, love the people with whom and for whom you work. It’s like actors in the theater. Everyone knows that their profession is the spectator, the stage and then the money. Here we have no audience and the stage. We want to work. With the limitations in half or a third of the landing, with all the remedies, but to work!