Sberbank in Novosibirsk for the day was 51 loan at 2% on 55 million rubles

the day of the start of the state program of business loans in salary at a reduced interest rate of 2% clients of the Novosibirsk branch of the savings Bank received 51 credit in the amount of 54.8 million rubles. Only in Novosibirsk the savings Bank has received 620 applications worth over 1 billion roubles.

According to the terms of the program, implemented under the decree of the RF government No. 696 dated may 16, 2020, while maintaining the company not less than 90% of staff 100% loan and interest thereon will be written off with effect from 1 April 2020 (while maintaining at least 80% employment — 50%). Extended to businesses and socially oriented non-profit organizations.

the loan Amount under the program is determined by the number of employees of the borrower multiplied by the value of the minimum wage and the number of full months to 1 December 2020 from the moment of the loan. If necessary, the program provides the possibility of extension subject to certain conditions aimed at maintaining the number and confirm the company’s efficiency. The maximum loan term to 30 June 2021, and the debt write-off — up to 1 April 2021.

“Still at the stage of preparation of the state program we understand that it will be of great interest, therefore, have started to accept applications. To date, we have received more than 600 applications totaling more than 1 billion rubles. And we consider all requests, regardless of the Bank where they opened their accounts,” — says Igor motherless, managing the Novosibirsk branch of Sberbank.

Detailed information about the new program of lending and other support to corporate customers on the Bank’s website.