Sberbank has launched the taxpayers on the card of another Bank

Sberbank continues to develop the services automatic money transfer from one card to another. A new type of translation — with debit card of Sberbank on a credit or debit card from another Bank — will allow customers not to waste time and energy on recurring transactions.

to Connect a service in the mobile application Sberbank Online in the section “Payments” — “the auto Payments and taxpayers” — “On the map to another Bank”. Then the user will received SMS or push notification of the service connection indicating the amount and date of the nearest of translation, as well as maps of the source and destination.

the Client can independently set the optimum frequency of automatic withdrawals: weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. The maximum daily limit is 150 000 rubles. The availability of funds at the time service connection is not mandatory — the main thing that the necessary amount was on the card at the time of the translation. The Commission will make 1,5% of amount (minimum of 30 rubles).

the day before the execution of the translation the client will receive an SMS with a reminder about the forthcoming debit, specifying the amount and Commission. This message will contain the code of the cancellation: sending the response message to the number 900, you can choose from the nearest of translation, further translation will be performed according to the schedule. On the day of execution of the translation the client will receive an SMS or a push notification indicating cards are debited and credited, and the amount of the transfer fee. At any time you can edit, pause, resume, or disable the automatic translation.

“the Taxpayers — a convenient way to save time and save yourself from hassle by entrusting routine repetitive tasks to Sberbank Online. Various payments and taxpayers make when paying for housing and communal services, cellular communication and the Internet, sending money to relatives, repayment of the loan, and so on — significantly reduce the time spent on the operation. According to our calculations, monthly our customersummarino save time, equivalent to more than 1000 years. We have launched a new type of translation into cards of other banks, following the wishes of the customers who can use it for a wide range of household situations — for example, paying off credit cards third-party Bank, payment of regular services help loved ones, support funds and other purposes,” — said Kirill Dmitriev, the Director of the division of the “Payments and transfers” of the savings Bank.

the General license of Bank of Russia for banking operations № 1481.