Save the children: 5 tricky ways producers, who doesn't notice the buyer

On the shelves are increasingly seen products for children, because it is believed that they are made from higher quality ingredients. Many adults and buy children’s products, taking care of your health. And all because the requirements for products for children is very, very high.

not to fall for the tricks of a resourceful marketers need to know how to choose really proven, high-quality product designed specifically for child nutrition. And you can’t buy a product based solely on the name and colorful package. Asked manufacturers how to quickly find high-quality baby product.

Name and design

it is not Enough to put in the product title refers to the popular cartoon and to draw on the pack children. After all, consumers will buy such products in the hope quality. We recommend not to restrict viewing of the titles, and to examine the package further.


the packaging is Often possible to see the digits 3, 5, 7, and, at first glance, we can assume that so specified age group, which recommended the product. But it could just be a designation of the number of pieces in the package or only design element.


Now it is no surprise that word on many products is the icon “GOST”. But to achieve the right to point it out on the children’s product, the manufacturer should pass the strict inspection and to thoroughly prove the quality of the product. In the case of products for children GOST is really a serious sign of quality.

“Recommended by the Institute…”

it Sounds loud and credible, but it is better to study in detail, what kind of institution, whether it real in General, and what weight is in the scientific community. Try to find information about it on the Internet. For example, all-Russian research Institute of meat industry. V. M. Gorbatov (VNIIMP) is a state research Instituteom, one of the most respected in the industry, and has been around for over 80 years.

Without GMOs, preservatives and dyes

These rubber stamps still attract people’s attention, but have you ever wondered what all products should be free of harmful additives? Recommended when choosing any product, not just children, to pay attention to the presence in the composition of such ingredients.

And much, much more. But the producers, in turn, will argue that no laws are not violated, and that we believe these products are childish, our personal perception. As they say, your expectations — your problem.

Another interesting aspect of products for children: price. Baby products are more expensive than adults, since in addition to the production required to make many additional inspections for safety and quality at all stages of manufacture. Of course, we want to buy high-quality and cheap goods. But it does not happen, because the children do not save.

fortunately, in shops of Novosibirsk it is possible to find dumplings that meet all the requirements for children’s products. It’s dumplings in the “Kids” from “Melenka-OST” in white-yellow pack with toy cars, balls and bears.