Repression in grocery: how the officials punished the shops of Novosibirsk for buyers without masks

Novosibirsk authorities are tightening penalties for violation of mask mode. In the mayor’s office said they have already checked 800 commercial facilities and issued dozens of fines. And last week, the first sanctions were applied to grocery stores that catered to buyers without masks. Tell you what repression are waiting for outlets and why, in principle, need to wear a mask (even if you doubt their sanitary properties).

the level of recommendation a mask mode works in Novosibirsk for more than two months, but the mandatory requirement to wear a mask in public places appeared only on may 28 (the day the Governor signed the corresponding decree). Since then, says head of Department of the consumer market of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk Vitaly Vitukhin, checked 800 — both stores and foodservice. And lately, he said, officials are focusing on audits of single shops, where the situation with the observance of mask mode is more complex.