Refinancing loan secured: how to save on overpayment

the Unfavorable conditions for the loan under the security of the vehicle is about to refinance to another company with better rates. Deleveraging can offer using a refi.

the Principle of refinancing is quite simple: a process is an execution of the trust loan to repay the existing loan.

What are the benefits of refinancing?

lowering the interest rate, and hence a reduction in the amount of the overpayment on the loan for the entire term of the contract;
to reduce the monthly burden on the budget through lower monthly payment on the loan.
ability to obtain additional borrowings;
the translation of its financial obligations in a more convenient for service of the credit organization.

Thus, refinancing should be considered as the best tool for optimizing their debts. Refinance loan, secured by a vehicle from the company “Your investor”. The service is available to customers of other microfinance institutions and is particularly relevant for those who took unprofitable a secured loan and cannot repay it.

to see the possibility of refinancing, please contact “Your investor” with the passport, the certificate of registration of the vehicle and the contract of the existing loan or help on debt. After examining the documents and questionnaire of the borrower, the Manager will announce the decision. Usually the design of the program of refinancing is carried out in a single day.