Pull out from the pyramid and return of the apartment: as lawyers work with debtors

job Loss during the crisis, several loans, debts, growing like a snowball… you don’t want to be in this situation. However, even in this case, it is possible to legally get rid of financial problems through bankruptcy.

to write off debts is almost impossible, so come to the aid of professional lawyers. Every day they have to make dozens of calls, to consult, to prepare a paper in court — because of the pandemic, the load is greatly increased. This is the case in the office of “Modern security” — the company, which in 2015 is bankruptcy of individuals.

a tour of the office held by the head of legal practice in Novosibirsk Julia Wagner. She says that one day there is also time to visit 5-10 people, and so many calls that the call center works in a mode non-stop. Turn the debtors from all over the country: although in many regions of Russia there are offices of “Modern security”, the company learned to work remotely.

— Work is built so that the person can remotely cancel all debts. And, of course, it is especially important in a pandemic, says Julia. — On our site everyone can have a private office, to drive their data and determine the terms of cooperation with a lawyer. A specialist will only have to call to clarify details and take matters under their control. All papers in court preparing remotely.