Prices went on a record price of budget cars exceeded one million

From the beginning of 2020, the prices of new cars in Russia increased by 3-7%. Such figures lead the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing data from market participants. We compared the old price lists with new and understood what will happen to prices in the future.

So, models of Hyundai grew on average by 2.5%, Volkswagen — by 4.5%, Mitsubishi — 3.5%. The BMW cars have increased in price from 3 to 10%, Mercedes-Benz up to 4%, Volvo — more than 5%.

for Example, Hyundai Solaris in almost all trim levels have risen to 16 thousand rubles. If at the beginning of 2020, the sedan performed Active Plus cost 829 thousand roubles, today already from 845 thousand. And we are talking about previous version, and recently updated “Solaris” will cost more for another 11 thousand.