Part of Zael'tsovskiy Bor at Obkomovskih summer residences proposed to give under high-rise buildings

Novosibirsk Authorities announced public comment on the proposed personalaty more than 100 sites in different areas. Among them is a proposal to change the zoning of a large parcel on a Country highway, in the area Obkomovskih summer residences.

Discussion going on the site “Electronic democracy Novosibirsk region”.

the Changes relate to separate parts of a single today area around the buildings on the street zael’tsovskiy Bor 1st Residential village.

for Example, part of a pine forest between the existing houses and building in the Suburban highway, 18 invited to give a mid-rise residential development closer to home has identified a location for a school and a kindergarten. Plot at the turn of Suburban highway to Obkomovskih summer cottages and a large area on the first line the highway to the residential home of the village offered to provide for medium – and high-rise public buildings.