Oncolites: study cancer that most often affects the city's residents (at risk blue-eyed people)

NGS launches the heading “Oncolites”. Every two weeks on Mondays we will talk about different types of cancer, their diagnosis, treatment, and also share with you stories of patients who are struggling with illness or beat it. The first place in morbidity in Novosibirsk region is skin cancer. Besides, this topic is particularly relevant in summer, when the skin is exposed to the sun — in this time, the mole may degenerate into cancer. Medical Explorer NGS Maria Tishchenko spoke with Vadim Zakharov — the main oncologist of Novosibirsk region and the Deputy chief doctor on medical part of the Novosibirsk regional clinical oncologic dispensary. He told me what types of skin cancer exist, which one gives to the blood of about 600 thousand tumor cells and why it’s especially dangerous with melanoma.