Novosibirsk has collected nearly 5 million for the protection of physicians from coronavirus and stopped to help doctors

Novosibirsk Eugene Kosminski and Natalia Odegova announced the end of the project А to raise money for remedies for physicians. For 4 months they collected about 4.7 million roubles thanks to the help of 200 residents of Novosibirsk and representatives of businesses.

Respirators and masks are transferred in 51 medical facility. This 2195 respirators FFP3 (mainly for first aid) and 1640 reusable half masks of the third protection class.

As explained by one of the founders of the project А Eugene Kosminski in his post on Facebook, reusable half mask of the third protection class can be used to a few months, so they get about 10 times more economical than disposable respirators FFP3.