New left: why is this part of the city becomes the point of attraction of Novosibirsk

Left coast of Novosibirsk is becoming more comfortable and attractive to live in. Every year in this part of the metropolis have modern high quality residential complexes. Among the iconic projects — LCD “Flourish on Marx’s” class comfort-plus.

In a 25-storey building No. 1 LCD “Flourish on Marx” all of the apartments have already been sold, indicating that demand for housing from the well-known Novosibirsk developer. Apartments in this complex can be purchased in the houses No. 2 and No. 3, built with the participation of Sberbank for project financing with the use of escrow accounts. Deadline buildings No. 2, No. 3 LCD “Flourish on Marx” — the fourth quarter of 2022.

Among the new buildings of the left Bank of the LCD location “Flourish on Marx” describes an excellent transport interchange. Living here means every day to be in the rhythm of the big city. This is the only complex class comfort-plus five minutes from the metro station “Student”, accessed without crossing any roads.

within a radius of 350 meters there is such a harmonious combination of intra secluded atmosphere with a developed transport infrastructure of the left Bank. Near the house two universities: Novosibirsk state technical University and Sibupk. Within a block there are supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums, hospitals, sports centers, cinema and hospital. 10 min drive to MEGA Mall with a hypermarket Auchan and IKEA.