MegaFon launched free roaming

Planning a vacation to warm countries, to pass the rest of the winter? Arm life hack for saving in the journey from a Megaphone and! They launched a new service: when booking accommodation on the popular website offers free roaming for subscribers of the Megaphone. More about this can be found in the special Megaphone, which was released today on our website.

Also, the operator will give a set of useful tips and offer to test their willingness to leave behind it you’ll even receive a gift from a Megaphone! In funny comic online characters show how beneficial it is to travel and at the end of the project, you will find life hacks seasoned traveler. From someone who has traveled half of the globe, there really is a lot to learn, and in terms of cost in particular.

If you still think a vacation is always a high cost and many limitations, it’s time to get rid of stereotypes. Read the special project of MegaFon and sky’s the limit!