Lie down on the watermelon and swimming on the pineapple: how the city's residents will rest this summer

Summer is even in Siberia, and every day with a temperature of +30°C, we all aspire to use to the maximum. To walk, to sunbathe, to swim — at all of us as humans. Want a summer walk and stay reminded of the shore the beloved Turkey? Immediately run to Hello! Traditionally in the summer, was brought here megapolisies thing for a hot vacation.

what do you dream Of most in the heat in Novosibirsk? Of course, on a cool drink! The economy must be economical, so catch the free life hack — take to the beach water bottle, travel mug or thermos with your favorite lemonade or water. In a thermos or travel mug will keep a drink refreshing coolness for a long time. Prices in Hello! from 199 rubles.