Kept within 280 days: the house with the children's coworking and yard without cars built in pervomayka

While the city’s residents get pleasure from the last month of summer, in the centre of the Pervomaisky district Matures “Grapes” — a 17-storey building from the Builder “house of the sun”. The new building has grown in only 280 days: for some, this deadline looks unrealistic, but for the “House of the sun” to build quickly and efficiently in order. Previous project house “Mandarin”, built the same strides. So before putting the house in operation remains very little: future residents can already hear the bells brand new apartment keys in his pocket.

a Place where people want to live and to love

“Grapes” for a happy life of any of Novosibirsk. The developer is attentive to family values and friendly neighborly relations. This thread is like a vine, runs through the whole concept of the project, starting from the ergonomic layout and to the yard, which primarily affects the guests.

the Builder puts his soul into the creation of each project. Even though coronavirus limitations and the difficult situation in the world, the company is trying to build quickly and efficiently, creating the most comfortable environment for living. Each project of the “House of the sun” — a place where to raise children, where you want to love and to build ambitious plans.

Now the “Grapes” is a Commission for the commissioning, and you have the opportunity to purchase the last apartment in the finished house. But you should hurry: the number of apartments is very limited.