It's time to leave for the city: to find out whether it is possible to build a country house from a bar during the week and over 329 000 rubles

Buying a plot and just wants to leave the stuffy apartment and go to live outside the city. But all the plans fall apart when it turns out that the construction of the country house is a long and expensive process. So you don’t get in such a situation as soon as possible to move to the outdoors, the company “Air house” building a country house from a bar just a week and 329 000 rubles. By the way, also houses the company is constructing and baths — at the end of the article tell how much it costs.

Recently, the “Air house” on your YouTube channel you talked about building a 6×6 with 2×6 porch open, where you can organize a cozy place for reading, put the table and take Breakfast in the fresh air.