It is important for new moms: how to work the hospital of Novosibirsk, has not yet removed the regime of self-isolation

the maternity unit of the clinical hospital “AVICENNA” works without weekends and holidays. This is possible thanks to the modern system of climate control, which creates additional protection against bacteria, a special filter cleans and disinfects the air.

in addition, in the current epidemiological situation in the clinical hospital “AVICENNA” does not accept patients with suspected novel coronavirus infection.

Childbirth — uncontrolled process. A woman cannot postpone the birth of a child at a more favorable time. So the hospital stepped up security measures for a comfortable and safe stay for all stages of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

the maternity unit of the clinical hospital “AVICENNA” meets the highest standards of leading world clinics.

private rooms are equipped with every comfort for mother and baby: comfortable bed, bathroom, toiletries and skin care for mom and newborn.