In the Novosibirsk region, extended emergency warning because of the extreme heat

EMERCOM of Russia across the Novosibirsk region has extended the emergency warning about the heat in the region.

From 7 to 12 August at the Novosibirsk region remains abnormally hot weather, the air temperature 30 degrees and above. A single telephone emergency services — 112 — inform the emergency workers.

Earlier, on 2 August, the regional Directorate of the MES issued a warning that the heat will last until 6 August. Then, forecasters extended the warning about the abnormal hot weather until August 9.

Rescuers are advised to drink more fluids, do not drink alcoholic beverages, do not sit directly under air flow from a fan or air conditioning, take a cold shower, wear clothes of bright colors, not to go outside without a hat.