In the city a foot: gardeners told how to spend the summer out of town and who brings them food

Well all summer to live in the country to enjoy the fresh air, enjoy Breakfast on the terrace, after dinner to go swimming in the river, and then to cook a delicious dinner for the family. Not life, but raspberry. In nature everything is done slowly and with special inspiration — even cooking a pleasure. It is a pity that in many country towns there are no big shops where you can buy fresh vegetables, if its not ripe, the meat for the flavorful soup, detergents and just everything you need for a carefree holiday.

But there is a solution. Asked the avid gardeners, as not to buy huge bags of food before leaving for the city — many was advised to order the delivery food from the hypermarket “Giant” through service “Korinami”.

— Every year I go away for a few months to live at the cottage for Bashnya. Me anywhere (even in Turkey!) so not going here. Recently came to visit my daughter and her children. I shared that I had over the pasta and juicy favorite “Doctor” — love her whole family, asked to purchase, I wanted more sweets and meat, but my daughter had no car, they come to me on the bus, not easy with kids and bags in public transport, — says Galina. — Daughter colleagues advised service “Korinami” because they are even in our wilderness deliver. Several times already ordered there products, very comfortable: most importantly, everything is delivered fresh, not wrinkled. Recently didn’t have a favorite olive mayonnaise, called, warned, and even suggested a different, not worse. Now I ask my daughter, and she draws me the shipping. From the garden you can not leave.