In the Central area of the driver

on Sunday Evening, August 16, in the Central district of Novosibirsk motorist hit a child on a scooter.

Around 18:00 the driver of the 1993 year of birth, moving on car Toyota Carina ED intraquarter journey from street Olga Zhilina in the direction of Ippodromskaya street, near the house number 92 on the street Olga Zhilina made arrival on the minor pedestrian which moved on the scooter. As a result of this accident injured the boy born in 2008 who was hospitalized with closed cherepno-a brain trauma, brain concussion, bruises of the head and the knee joint. At the place of work inspectors dorozhno-patrol service, clarify the circumstances of the incident, — has told the inspector on propagation of traffic police of Novosibirsk Irina Ketova.