In Novosibirsk four employees of the company SGK contracted the coronavirus

In Novosibirsk, the coronavirus has infected several members of the company SGK. This was announced by the personnel Director, Kirill Krutikov.

— being spread of the coronavirus in Novosibirsk is generally high. We have four employees with cases of the disease, he said live on the page of the company Instagram.

a Few sick employees, according to him, already recovered, but the exact figure he did not name. The company’s branches in other cities were also cases of infection.

— Only company, we now have 16 cases. 8 of them have healed, — said Kirill Krutikov. We were always afraid and fearful of locating that somewhere will burst, which will have to close our company on the mode of autonomy. If we learn from Rospotrebnadzor that we have a sick employee, then formed the first circle of contacts. These people, according to the prescription sent to the isolation, quarantine. They are given sick leave.