In Bashkortostan, Regardie dispersed the activists protecting the unique Sheehan of Kustow

security forces dispersed the defenders Sheehan of Coustou in Bashkiria, which a few days ago had camping. According to witnesses, riot police and Regardie used batons and stun grenades.

— At the moment, on Saturday, August 15, at 11:00 on the camp of the defenders of Kustow attacked riot police and unidentified people. According to eyewitnesses, there is created a complete mess. “Bear Village” gathered state employees, screaming in defense of BSK. People who came to the defense of Coustou, machine delay before Oracom. Line of cars stretched from Urraca to the village of Sahtu. People go walking approximately 3500-5000 people. I myself am standing on the mountain Kustow and see everything. Defenders of Coustou, help out people who are at the moment in the camp — said the inhabitant of Ishimbay Gregory.