In a 100 year old station building near Novosibirsk broke out — public feared that it will carry

the Building is 100-year-old station in Berdsk prepared for reconstruction. Now it has broken Windows and removed wooden elements of the facade, and the building protected with a fence.

As the reporter of NHS, the head of the Berdsk branch of Voopik culture expert Vladimir Sorokin, the building is included in the local list of cultural heritage objects — this status allows the building next to him. According to him, Russian Railways is preparing the construction of a new station building next to him.

— We are not enemies to Berdsk, we are for development, so I struggled to the old station remained in the same time close was built the building of the new station. Moreover, when I saw a new project, and it is highly appreciated, I was delighted, because the style of the new station was similar to the style of the old — he said in conversation with the correspondent NGS. — Despite the fact that hanging on the fence project, we saw that near the water tower constructed of pre-fabricated building on the original project it is not. That is, the project is already broken.