Immunity to the crisis: in Russia, growing sales of Chinese cars, while the rest suffer losses

At the end of quarantine may 2020 sales of new cars decreased in Russia by almost 52%. But there are brands that are contrary to General fall showed plus. And basically it is “Chinese”.

the Company in may, Haval sold 5% more cars (747 pieces) than a year earlier, while market leaders Lada, KIA, Hyundai and so on have lost on average 50% of buyers. Is “Haveli” how good is that even in the period of the epidemic they are ready to sweep away from the shelves? Most likely, the case in the low base effect, because Haval is a top brand in Russia, but in recent years has actively increased its audience: it seems that inertia was enough to withstand the crisis. By the way, the statistics of AEB fixes not actually sold cars, and those that are shipped to the dealers, so while you can only say increase the stock of “Chuvalov” from sellers. We tested crossover Haval F7 and now I can talk about it.