Health Ministry: Russia will return to normal until February

Minister of health Michael Murashko in an interview to “Interfax” stated that Russia will return to normal after the pandemic until February of next year.

— And what is a normal life? It’s Hiking to concerts, flights, full-time job, and full rest. In my opinion, it is unlikely that it will happen before February. Must be broken the transmission chain, — shared his considerations, the Minister.

He also explained that the spread of the coronavirus still depends on the behavior of the Russians.

— If we are careful to treat their own health, make the correct social behaviour and hygiene practices, the risks are minimized, — said Mikhail Murashko, adding that the second wave of coronavirus it is possible, but unlikely that it will be of the same magnitude as the first. We have acquired a certain immunity, created a system of treatment, prevention. Therefore, the repetition of the scenario in full is unlikely, but a rise in the incidence may be in violation of the rules of conduct.