Despite the fact that the constraints on businesses are gradually removed, many companies will not open ever — so hurt him crisis this spring. All this sadly affects the lives of ordinary employees of the affected firms: someone dropped income, and many reduced or even dismissed. Almost every average family has one or two unclosed loan, as a result, begin to appear debt “tails”. How to get rid of them and what are the consequences — said the head of legal practice of the company “Modern defense” in Novosibirsk Julia Wagner.

— Julia, what about those people who have lost their jobs and have accumulated credit card debt?

— the Only legitimate way to get rid of overdue loans is bankruptcy. If your debt has reached half a million rubles, you lost your job and can’t pay for more than three months, you can no longer pull time — you need to contact to professional lawyers and to submit an application to the court.

What happens if you don’t file for bankruptcy? Is the procedure required?

— By law, not just the debtor is entitled, but even obliged to apply for bankruptcy with all the previously listed conditions. The state is also advantageous to declare a person bankrupt — so it reduced social tensions. In addition, if you come to long delays and large amounts of debt, you already know what this means. First you pursue the endless calls from the banks, then the bailiffs forcibly deduct half the wages to repay the loan. But the most terrible begins, when banks tire of fiddling with the debtor and sell the debt to collectors. They never stand on ceremony, used hard to clear the money — it comes to threats, and often even to causing emotional or physical harm.