Enough for all summer: how to win a box of ice cream

Every weekday from 1 June to 31 July take part in the campaign “Summer marathon” on “Radio Dacha”. Stay tuned for the broadcast “Radio Dacha” 106,7 FM, remember the musical questions of the host, the first call on the answering machine of the station at +7 (383) 362-07-80, answer correctly and win a lot, a lot of ice cream! Don’t forget to leave your contact information.

the First winner will call the host of “Radio Dacha” to congratulate and ask for the phone number of a friend or loved one. He, too, will be able to get a sweet summer gift. You only need to listen carefully to the broadcast.

the Event took place last year. Then it was played almost 70 boxes of ice cream and received a lot of positive feedback. Every day on the answering machine of the station has received more than 600 calls.