Eat at home: test 5 deliveries in Novosibirsk — some appeared as a coronavirus crisis

In the third week of “isolation” was allowed to run almost everything except shopping centers, markets and catering establishments. And since the person working need a place that is browser NGS Stas Sokolov found and tasted a few options for these breakfasts, Lunches and dinners, from very moderate to near-luxury. Well, we’re trying?

Breakfast: fresh croissants (“Bread oven”)

a Morning Cup of coffee, the smell of freshly baked, still warm croissants on the table… All of it seems to have something distant, as if from another life. Actually, no. You just need to show some initiative. But if you want thrills this French bakery is you can order ready-made bread or frozen foods in a “Bread oven.” You can pick them up yourself at a cafe on Uritskogo, or they will be transported home via Yandex.Taxi (is there such a service). Sold in small batches — a dozen costs 600 rubles.