Contactless lunch: Novosibirsk has become popular to order food directly to the car

the Pandemic has an impact not only on business but also on the lifestyle of each of us. It is believed that after opening all the restaurants and shops, not all the residents of the city will be ready to return to normal life.

to ensure maximum safety for its employees and for customers and a global network of fast food McDonald’s closed their halls. The company continued to work in the format of delivery, Express delivery and in the concept of “drive-thru” where you can place your order and get it in a safe way.

the format of the “drive-thru” is not new, it is available in Novosibirsk for two years, but now it has come to the fore. It happened for many reasons. It saves time, gives you the opportunity to come get your favorite dishes in any weather and to eat, literally without leaving the car. But the main advantage — the highest level of sanitary safety, because all processes “Makavto” automated and direct customer contacts and employees are reduced to zero.