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Monday, January 20, 2020
We often have to watch after some memorable event, a local or global scale, it is the repetition variable. Talking about the unwritten law of pair cases, that humanity is trying to explain is not the first century.
Since 1930-ies, Hitler's Germany, began to actively prepare for a future world war. It is this circumstance was associated occurred in the country the problem with the food. At the same time some unsuccessful experimental and even a safe, natural products were banned for use.
In January 1905, the Japanese soldiers entered the Port Arthur- a key point of expansion of the Russian Empire in the far East. Maybe the entire outcome of the Russo-Japanese war would have been different if not for the actions of the chief of the Kwantung fortified area Anatoly Stessel, passed Port Arthur without a fight, with full capabilities to continue the defense.
Fearless scouts participated in many wars, demonstrating the unique fighting qualities in the Caucasus and in the defense of Sevastopol, in the Russian-Turkish, Russian-Japanese and First world. Passed legendary "Stalinist thugs" and all the Great Patriotic, victorious returning to his native village in September 1945.
Have heroes in the Soviet era, and criticized with the advent of the democratic era of the pioneer Pavlik Morozov was the unenviable grandparents, genuinely did not like him or the daughter-in-law, grandchildren or others.
December 24, 1972 was the launching of the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Kiev". How is it that the Soviet aircraft carrier became the first ship in the Navy of the USSR, after a series of twists, turns, turned into a floating hotel?
Seizing power, the Bolsheviks sought to flip the traditional attitude of the Russian people not only to life but to death. As "the achievement of the European civilization" was applied to the opening in 1920, the year the country's first crematorium. However, he worked for only 3 months.


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As Mannerheim influenced the fate of Leningrad in the Great Patriotic

As Mannerheim influenced the fate of Leningrad in the Great Patriotic

In addition to the troops of the Wehrmacht in the siege of Leningrad participated and Finnish divisions under the command of former tsarist General, Carl Gustaf Mannerheim. There is a popular legend that as he continued passionately love Saint Petersburg, where he lived before the revolution, have done to the city was not destroyed and in fact saved the lives of millions of citizens of Leningrad.