problems such as the nursing shortage can no longer be ignored by Corona longer, says Amira Mohamed Ali. It was time for higher wages. "Here it is people." Amira Mohamed Ali, Chairman of the Left-hand photo:...
The road is tight. In the upper Bavarian Griesen you can hear the roar of wild rivers. The Virus is far away – or is it? Not a train: The train station of Griesen is due...
The Federal government condemns the war in Yemen. Nevertheless, she approved arms exports worth billions to States, which is fighting there. The Grand coalition will be the end of the Yemen war. Fighting States still get...
Despite Corona wants the PiS-government in the vote on 10. May pull it off. More and more local politicians are resisting this suggestion. "Who can go for shopping in a store, you can also go to...
In Nigeria, one of the most well-known Pentecostal Church leader prophesied the end of the Coronavirus for last Friday. It turned out differently. T. B. Joshua in December 2014 photo: Pius Utomi Ekpei/afp COTONOU...
BERLIN taz | The Armory Sig Sauer on your Website, no doubt about it: With the Slogan "Born in Europe and perfected in America" advertises the company for its pistols and rifles, his praises "at legends on the field...
in Order to explore the spread of Covid-19 better is the voluntary gift of more accurate data is required, says Dirk Brockmann. "data security is a sensitive topic and each person must retain control over its...


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