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Monday, January 20, 2020
Tatar artist Haris Yakupov was one of the contenders for the destruction. The Nazis included it in the "Search list", which included people, something does not please the Nazi regime and Hitler personally. But what is a talented artist who never met the f├╝hrer, could to annoy him?
After the German 6th army was surrounded at Stalingrad, it was expected that the leadership of the Wehrmacht will seek her release. About this operation was always referred to in historical literature as a major success of the red Army, who managed to stop the German troops. The General public, these events represented in the novel by Yuri Bondarev "Hot snow" and its eponymous film adaptation. In the Soviet version of these events was as follows. Created by the Wehrmacht army group "don" under the command of field Marshal Manstein. The red Army's stubborn defense stopped the German 4th Panzer army and then went on the offensive.
Nicknames that were given Krupskaya around, never varied: a lifetime Nadezhda Konstantinovna was awarded "fish names". However, despite this meager imagination relatives, friends and associates of the chosen leader, every nickname had a clear rationale.[C-BLOCK]
When talking about Soviet citizens, who fought in the Second World war on the German side, usually involve "Vlasov" and nationalists, type "Bandera" or the Lithuanian "forest brothers".
With this, old as the world, way recruited by dozens of agents all over the world received hundreds, if not thousands, of sheets of top secret documents of national importance. The most beautiful and the most famous "honey trap" in the history of foreign intelligence is considered to be Mata Hari.[C-BLOCK]
The US army is using the flags of NATO, officially fought on the side of South Korea, and the Soviet Union supported the North Korean Republic. To this end, Moscow sent to Korea military advisers and pilots that control a jet fighter MiG-15. The most fierce battle of the Soviet and American pilots was along the southern shore of the Yalu river. The U.S. military called this part of Korea "MiG Alley". It was a battle that went down in history of the U.S. air force as "Black Thursday".
In Soviet times, no one doubted that the Red Army was the first who used rocket artillery. Due to the success of Soviet science and the achievements of Soviet industry, the Soviet Union was able to bypass all other countries, and to arm the Red Army with the most modern and high quality weapons. Still others only work with copied best Soviet designs. So it was written in all the books, and want to challenge that in Soviet times was not. Even today, many believe that the German rocket launcher was modeled after the Soviet "Katyusha", but it turned out much worse than they are.


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As Mannerheim influenced the fate of Leningrad in the Great Patriotic

As Mannerheim influenced the fate of Leningrad in the Great Patriotic

In addition to the troops of the Wehrmacht in the siege of Leningrad participated and Finnish divisions under the command of former tsarist General, Carl Gustaf Mannerheim. There is a popular legend that as he continued passionately love Saint Petersburg, where he lived before the revolution, have done to the city was not destroyed and in fact saved the lives of millions of citizens of Leningrad.