Bet on a horse: Siberian invested 1 million in horses with character. Have you managed to earn some money

New story categories “Small but proud business” — business in horses with character. Siberian Irina Pachura since the childhood loved horses. Not waiting until will give parents, she bought her first horse myself when I was in College, but it turned out that this horse-matryoshka — with foal. And when an equestrian club where Irina worked, closed, it was bought and the rest of the animals, which have invested time and effort. She had to spend more than a million rubles. So in 2019, in Novosibirsk, there was an equestrian club “Arion”. Journalist NGS Maria Tishchenko know the Siberian as she was raising her horses, why each of them — individuality and what it means in the life of an athlete “is the horse.”