Again, the court recognized the illegal increase of tariffs for heat in Novosibirsk

the Ninth arbitration court of Moscow dismissed the appeal of the Federal Antimonopoly service. Earlier Agency actions that have led to growth of tariffs for heat in Novosibirsk 7.2%, declared illegal, and the FAS appealed this decision.

the Service filed an appeal on 15 January, it was accepted for production on 22 January. The trial was several times postponed. On 29 June the decision of the Moscow Arbitration court has left without changes.

In the first court decision under the claim of Department under tariffs of the Novosibirsk region and JSC “Siberian energy company” to FAS stating that the execution of the decision of the FAS led to the growth of tariffs by 7.2% with respect to those that were in the first half of 2019.