6 Novosibirsk entrepreneurs tell how a new virus has affected their business

Pandemic coronavirus has become a serious challenge for business. It is especially difficult for entrepreneurs who do not receive support from the state and seek their own solutions to develop their business even in crisis. We interviewed several representatives of business of Novosibirsk to see how they cope with difficulties and how you plan to overcome them.

Vadim Kochetkov, the company “Cheaper Door”

— What has changed in your work with the introduction of the quarantine?

— first of all, we have become more attentive to own health and the health of customers. As for business, I had to reduce communication costs and rent, which failed to agree on installments. At the same time there are expenses I can’t cut, despite all the difficulties — for example, on advertising.

— now How do you attract customers?

— Obviously, the business goes online. We try to develop in instagram. In addition, we will improve service, work with questions and wishes of our clients and one of the ways this work — “Flamp”.

— What would you advise entrepreneurs to pass the crisis safely?

— I Think that painless to overcome this crisis will not be anyone else. Any crisis brings not only challenges, but also opportunities, it requires reformatting, search of the points of growth. It is impossible to sit still and wait, when it will go away. It is necessary to work, to learn, to improve their skills and help each other.

Victoria Arbekova, digital Agency WannaFly

— the Agency is now working remotely, it somehow affected the performance of the team?

— We hold twice a day meetings over video: in the morning, set goals for the day and in the evening everyone says that USPate to do, and what not. Exactly, the team became more productive. Everyone does their job, no one is distracted by office chatter.

— Many customers have turned off the advertising?

a Couple of clients from tourism, they are now the hardest hit. In addition, when it was announced the first week of quarantine, a few customers asked to suspend the ads, but after a couple of days again start.

I’m Sure that now is the best time to invest in online advertising.

first, many companies, trying to save on everything, turn off the is, respectively, reduced competition in advertising platforms, which means that the traffic is cheaper.

second, the reduction of advertising costs provides only short-term benefit but long term the company loses brand recognition. When the situation normalizes, consumers soon will remember those companies that are seen constantly than those that “disappeared from radar”.

third, people now spend much more time on the Internet and before TV screens. Outdoor advertising, advertising in shopping centers, radio has now lost its relevance.

— What has changed in your work and offer services after the introduction of the quarantine?

— We first began to advertise their Agency, to the new customers come on the recommendations. Now, many advertising platforms give bonuses for advertisers, and we are including.

We give 30% discount on setting up contextual and targeted advertising. For example, right now setting Yandex.Direct we have 8 330 $ instead of 11 900 rubles. Given that we are a certified partner of Yandex, the value of our settings is now much below the market.

Inessa Cheldiev, Elena Nurtazinova group of companies Re.forma

— What has changed for you with the introduction of the quarantine, did you have to downsize?

We adjusted to the newth mode and realized that a lot can be done online, so no cuts were not. The inconvenience had happened: for example, not all the owners were allowed into their apartments for the views. But much can be solved online developers hold a virtual tour.

— How do you currently attract clients?

In the first place is advertising on the Internet. I think that now, when most of the inhabitants of the city, and across the country, spend a lot of time, it is the most effective method of promotion.

— What advice would you give to entrepreneurs?

Do not be afraid to accept the conditions in which we all were forced to become. Not to lose confidence that all will end, and remember that even in this situation, you need not to look for problems and create opportunities.

Evgeniy Zahrain, Internet-shop “Torgshina”

— do you See any support from the state?

— an Important factor in April was the decision of the authorities VAT on the inclusion of tires in the list of non-food commodities. This has allowed us to provide consumers with their products in a timely manner.

— How has the market situation affected your sales?

— We noticed that amid falling solvency of the buyers give preference to well-known tire brand: Yokohama, KAMA, Matador, NEXEN. We try to maintain an optimal price level and offer customers various bonus programs.

Larisa Bazanova, the security enterprise “the Block 54”

— the situation difficult for business, but is it possible to see something positive?

Today, businesses are forced to look for new solutions, and of course, it stimulates creativity and activity. Most moves online, many increase the cost of advertising. I think this is the right partod, in the same way we go too.

— How has the performance of your company in terms of the quarantine?

— great changes we have not noticed. Overall, our performance has not suffered, as our clients include many budget organizations. At the same time, we realized that we need to develop Internet projects. Now, for example, we make efforts for the development of the YouTube channel.

— What would you advise entrepreneurs to survive the crisis as painlessly as possible?

— it All depends on the industry in which the business is conducted. Some were in a very difficult situation: for example, shopping malls. Those who continue to work, albeit in the changed circumstances, I will advise not to lower hands and to develop, using all possibilities for this.

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