200, and across the street for 80. Try the first strawberries, cherries and good tomatoes in Novosibirsk. If they're good?

Street vendors do sell fresh berries and fruit. Prices depend greatly on our point of sale and where, according to dealers, came product. Explorer NGS Stas Sokolov asked the price to seasonal updates and tried some of the taste. The case is at present unsafe, but the first strawberries and cherries are deprived of reason.

the First truck with fresh cherries arrived in Novosibirsk last week. Now you can buy it everywhere. Taking this berry, mainly from Uzbekistan. Prices initially rolls (kilo could cost more than 400 rubles), but now even in the center where rarely ask for it more than 300. And is driven away from the city center away, you can find vendors offering cherries 250 and even 200 rubles.