In the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia, the FDP primarily lost voters to the two winners, the CDU and the Greens. 260,000 previous FDP voters decided this time for the CDU and 100,000 for the Greens, calculated Infratest dimap on Sunday from preliminary values ​​for the ARD.

The Liberals also gave 60,000 votes to the SPD. 130,000 previous FDP voters did not vote this time, 20,000 voted for the AfD.

The second-placed SPD lost many votes – a total of 310,000 – to the non-voter camp and 260,000 to the Greens. This time, 160,000 of the previous AfD voters decided not to go to the polls. 20,000 of them chose the CDU instead this time. The SPD gave 30,000 voters to the Christian Democrats.

The Greens were able to lure voters away from all their competitors. The winner of the election, the CDU, also had to cast 140,000 votes to the Greens, and 10,000 voters even went to them from the AfD.