the Russian football player Alexander Kokorin will not go for a second training camp of “Zenit” with the first team. It became known after it was published the list of players who went to Spain.

Only in the Spanish Benidorm went 27 players, what is the official website of blue-white-blue – and among them locations for Kokorin was not found. In one of the matches of the first January training camp in Qatar, the striker scored a hat-trick. His game and work on the training positively evaluated the team’s head coach Sergei Semak.

However, despite this, the situation with the future Kokorin confused: at the end of January “Zenith” announced the transition striker in Sochi. However, this did not take place – Alexander stayed in St. Petersburg. His wife suggested that her husband could play for “Zenit-2”.

the Kokorin admitted that he did not know where he will continue his career.