The best insights occur when you’re relaxed, and has a lot of time. We are all aware that the Swede Henrik Hären, but all the time. For this reason, he has been an idyllic private island close to Stockholm, free of charge, at the disposal of creative souls, which is surrounded by the beautiful nature of their plans, to be implemented. But in order to be eligible, you will need to have the owner and convince them of your idea.

Henry Hären is the author and draws the world to give presentations on creativity. He knows better than anyone that the best insights is through me, in a place where you can escape and unwind. However, the man has a place on the island of Vifärnaholme which on this occasion has been re-named to This Island . And, what’s more, it Hären give to people each year the opportunity to enjoy their holiday, and ideas to work with.