Today, July 15, the authorities made a check in the shopping center “Gallery of Novosibirsk” — TTS earned after the beginning of the week, the Governor Andrei Travnikov removed some of the restrictions in the region.

the Head of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Novosibirsk region Andrei Goncharov together with the Director of shopping center “Gallery of Novosibirsk” by Mykola Yaroslavtseva checked for the presence of antiseptics and sanitary regulation. Today Andrey Goncharov’s claims arose.

— When you open any venue we require the presence of antiseptics, compliance with mask mode inside shops and businesses. Plus, the guidelines provided by the CPS, should be an input filter for the employees at the beginning and end of the working day should be measured temperature, employees must eat in a prescribed place, i.e. not to bring food into the workplace and do not use it. And, of course, antiseptics, surface treatment. All this is observed, — explained Andrei Goncharov.